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Fauna Marin ELEMENTALS KH 1000 ml

Fauna Marin ELEMENTALS KH 1000 ml

SKU: T67

Maintain a stable carbonate hardness in your reef aquarium with Fauna Marin ELEMENTALS KH 1000 ml. This high-purity multi-carbonate solution allows for precise adjustments, ensuring your fish tank's alkalinity stays within the optimal range. Carefully increase alkalinity with ease and achieve the recommended levels of 6 - 9 dKH for a thriving reef environment.

Fauna Marin ELEMENTALS KH 1000 ml


ELEMENTALS KH is a high purity stabilized multi-carbonate solution that easily increases the carbonate hardness/alkalinity in reef aquariums.

20 ml Elementals KH per 100 l (26 US/gal) will increase the alkalinity by 1 dKH.

Max. daily dose: + 2 dkH (0.7 meq/L)

Please make all changes to the aquarium slowly and carefully!

The recommended dKH value is 6 - 9 dKH. C


  • Water
  • Carbonate salts  >20%


  • Always keep closed after opening.
  • Maintain liquid at room temperature and keep away from light.



See the User Manual tab for dosing instructions

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