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About Us

It all started over 30 years ago with a dad giving his son a small aquarium as a high school graduation gift. The love for this aquatic hobby has since, grown immensely. Having a small piece of our vast oceans in your very home became and continues to become sought after. 


Being in this hobby for so long now has grown into a strong passion to share yet at the same time educate fellow hobbyist about natures creation and to respect and enjoy the same in a sustainable manner. It became our joy to see the faces of happy customers with their very own aquariums in their homes and office locations. We love to spread this joy as more and more of our customers take part in this journey. 


Tropic N Reef Aquariums has grown from an aquarium setup and maintenance business into a full-scale e-commerce retail store in Canada. We strive to provide the best and honest experience to our customers whether it’s setting up a small fish bowl or a full-scale aquarium. From Tropical fresh water themed setups to Salt water and Reef setups, our product inventory is ever growing as we try to bring you the best industry products in this hobby at reasonable prices. We support healthy competition in our industry and we will do our best to support you in your purchase decisions at our store with competitive prices to help fulfill your requirements. 

We look forward to helping you become a part of our growing family at

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