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At Tropic N Reef Aquariums, we cater to any requirement of setting up a piece of nature be it in your home or office premises within GTA-Ontario. From a small fish bowl, freshwater tropical planted theme, or a saltwater reef tank, our team of experts will work with you all the way from your requirements stage to the purchase, delivery, and setup of your aquarium. We offer the best and honest advice on your aquarium purchase. Standard out of the box aquariums or custom made, we will guide you through the entire process based on your layout, space, and budget. Each setup will come with a complimentary first 2 services free of charge.


Our optional customized after sales services will make it easy for you to just sit, relax, and enjoy your aquarium while the nitty gritties are taken care of by our maintenance crew.

Our maintenance schedules offer a wide variety of plans that can fit your needs and budget.


At Tropic N Reef Aquariums, we take pride in helping you enjoy your aquarium hobby and make it a pleasurable experience. Sharing knowledge and providing guidance along the way of the right products and services is a key testament of who we are.

Please feel free to Contact Us and begin your journey.

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