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Fauna Marin Bacto Blend 250 ml

Fauna Marin Bacto Blend 250 ml

SKU: T58

Introduce the ultimate all-rounder to your saltwater aquarium with Fauna Marin Bacto Blend 250 ml. This super-concentrated mixture of halophilic and phototrophic bacteria kickstarts your marine ecosystem. With hydrolytic enzymes and special nitrogen bacteria, it efficiently reduces unwanted nutrients, sludge, and detritus build-up. Bacto Blend not only promotes the growth and coloration of fish and corals but also enhances skimmer performance, all with a refreshing ocean scent. Developed and produced in Germany, it's a highly concentrated, cost-effective solution that's free from sulfides and toxic preservatives. Supercharge your aquarium's vitality with Bacto Blend from Fauna Marin.

Fauna Marin Bacto Blend 250 ml

BACTO BLEND: our all-rounder!

  • Super concentrated mixture of halophilic and phototrophic bacteria
  • Perfect bacterial mixture for starting a salt water aquarium
  • Contains hydrolytic enzymes and special nitrogen bacteria for reduction of unwanted nutrients
  • Reduces sludge and detritus build-up; highly effective against unwanted bacterial deposits
  • Improves growth and coloration of fish and corals
  • Fresh ocean smell / improves skimmer performance
  • Contains NO sulfide or other toxic preservatives
  • No foul odor or rotten egg smell
  • Live bacteria / effect immediately after dosing
  • Highly concentrated for cost-effective dosing
  • Developed and produced in Germany



Water, billions of powerful pollutant degrading bacteria per ml, enzyme compounds.

Safety instructions:

Keep away from children.
Do not inhale, do not swallow.
Avoid skin and eye contact.



What is the difference between Bacto Blend and Bacto Therapy ?

Bacto Blend is our all-rounder, with the highest number of different bacteria types. In addition, there are special phototrophic bacteria that ensure a stable nutrient degradation and are highly effective. All our bacteria come from German companies and are harmless in their application.

Bacto Therapy, on the other hand, is a mixture of special bacteria that are more concerned with the degradation of solid nutrients such as mulm and detritus. They displace unwanted coatings and bacteria (cyanos). The bacteria can also be used against dinoflagellates.

In addition, added probiotic bacteria cultures reduce the odor of the water and the number of pathogenic germs, thus increasing the resistance of your animals.


Can I use Marine Bacto Blend and Bacto Therapy together ?

Both products complement each other ideally and are coordinated with each other. The mixing ratio should be 60 % Bakto Blend and 40 % Bakto Therapy.


Can I use Marine Bakto Blend together with Reef Vitality?

Yes, both products work together here. Nutrient limitation and feeding of the bacteria and corals can be promoted with it. When combining both products, please use only 50% of the indicated dosage and pay attention to nutrients.


Do I have to switch off the UV-C and/or ozonisation when dosing Bacto Blend ?

Yes, of course both devices have an influence on the germ content of the water and would kill the living bacteria in Bacto Blend. Switch off ozone and UV-C for 2 - 3 hours after dosing. Afterwards the bacteria have settled on the substrate, so there is no more danger for the bacteria and the effect of the Bacto Blend.
At what time of the day should I dose Bacto Blend?

Bacto Blend as well as Bacto Therapy or the combined addition can take place during the day. We recommend a morning addition of both products.


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