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Tropica Specialised Nutrition 300 ml

Tropica Specialised Nutrition 300 ml

SKU: T729

Promote lush growth in your heavily planted aquarium with Tropica Specialised Nutrition 300 ml. Suitable for tanks up to 660 gallons (2500 L), this formula contains essential nutrients like nitrate, ammonium, and phosphate, vital for vibrant plant growth. To maintain optimal conditions, replace 25% of the water weekly. For a 26-gallon (100 L) tank, administer 5 pumps weekly, with each pump delivering 2 ml of solution. With a 13-week supply, Tropica Specialised Nutrition ensures your aquatic plants receive the nourishment they need for flourishing health and vitality.

Tropica Specialised Nutrition 300 ml

Ideal for a heavily planted fish tank, upto 660 gal (2500 L) 

Contains nitrate, ammonium, phosphate and other nutrients required to ensure healthy plant gowth. It is recomended that 25% of the water is changed every week.

For a tank size of 26 gal (100 L), use about 5 pumps per week. Lasts 13 weeks.

Each pump=2ml




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