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Tropica CO2 System Bio

Tropica CO2 System Bio

SKU: T241

Tropica CO2 System Bio is a tropical plant enthusiast's essential for a thriving freshwater fish tank. Boosting easy and medium plant growth, this system provides 60 days of cost-effective CO2 support, ensuring safety and ease of use. The package includes a high-efficiency diffuser, a reaction chamber with powered CO2 and activator, plus a connecting hose for seamless application. Elevate your freshwater fish tank's flora with the Tropica CO2 System Bio—a simple solution for lush, vibrant aquatic greenery. Recommended for aquariums up to 13 gallons (60 L)

Tropica CO2 System Bio


CO2 is the most important nutrient for plants. Without a CO2 supply, the plants will not thrive. CO2 System Bio is a simple solution that adds extra CO2 to the plants in the aquarium. We recommend 20-25 °C for the best use of the product.

  • For improved growth of easy and medium plants
  • 60 days CO2 for a low cost
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to refill and recycle


Whats in the box:

1. A diffuser which ensures maximum CO2 efficiency

2. Reaction Chamber containing powered CO2 and activator for approximately 130g of CO2 production

3. A hose pipe connecting diffuser to reaction chamber


Recommended for aquariums up to 13 gallons (60 L)

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