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Tamsco Freshwater Aquascaping Tool Set - 5 pieces

Tamsco Freshwater Aquascaping Tool Set - 5 pieces

SKU: T352
C$75.80 Regular Price
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The Tamsco Freshwater Aquascaping Tool Set offers 5 pieces of essential stainless steel tools for aquarium maintenance and aquascaping, neatly stored in a vinyl zipper pouch. Each tool is approximately 10" in length, ideal for freshwater aquariums. The set includes straight and angled scissors for precise trimming, two planting tongs for delicate manipulation, and a long gravel leveler for a spotless tank. The leveler can also double as an algae scraper. This comprehensive kit ensures efficient plant care and aquascaping tasks with ease and precision.

Tamsco Freshwater Aquascaping Tool Set - 5 pieces


Aquarium Tool Kit 5PC Stainless Steel with Vinyl Zipper Pouch. Ideal for aquascaping, plant care and general fresh water aquarium maintenance.Each instrument approx: 10" in Length.

Pouch Includes:

1. Straight Scissors included in the set are a must-have item to keep leveled finish,

2. Angled scissors are used for the trimming job which can be done easily and precisely. Long and narrow blades allow delicate operation even in small spaces.

3. The Straight Planting Tongs are ideal for grasping and manipulating delicate plants without disturbing the surroundings. 
4. The Angled Tongs are specially-designed to make it easier to reach and maneuver smaller plants. 
5. Long Gravel Leveler for the perfect last touch to make your tank look spotless. Leveler can also be used to scrape algae


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