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Spongebob Ornament Mini Patrick Licensed

Spongebob Ornament Mini Patrick Licensed

SKU: T1139
C$14.99 Regular Price
C$13.79Sale Price

Transform your aquarium into a vibrant underwater world with the SpongeBob Patrick Aquarium Ornament. This delightful ornament brings the beloved characters to life, adding charm and fun to your aquatic environment.

The SpongeBob Patrick Aquarium Ornament is a must-have for any aquarium enthusiast looking to infuse their underwater world with a touch of Bikini Bottom charm.


This licensed Nickelodeon ornament stands 2" tall and brings the beloved character Patrick to life in exquisite detail.


Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this aquarium ornament showcases an exceptional level of artistry. Each piece is hand-painted, capturing the vibrant colors and unique characteristics of Patrick. The result is a visually stunning and realistic representation that will captivate both children and adults alike.


Constructed from durable resin, this ornament is built to withstand the aquatic environment, ensuring its longevity and providing a safe and engaging addition to any aquarium. Whether you have a freshwater or saltwater tank, this ornament is suitable for all types of aquariums.


Adding the Ornament to your aquarium will instantly transform it into an exciting scene from the famous cartoon series. Watch as Patrick sits among your aquatic plants and creates a playful atmosphere for your fish and viewers.


Not only does this ornament serve as a delightful decoration, but it also provides a hiding place and a resting spot for your aquatic pets. Fish and other small aquatic creatures will enjoy exploring and interacting with this unique addition to their environment.


Bring the magic of SpongeBob SquarePants and his loyal friend Patrick to your aquarium today with this eye-catching and enchanting ornament. Immerse yourself in the world of Bikini Bottom and let your fish and aquatic friends enjoy the company of these beloved characters.

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