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SpectraPure Standard 90GPD RO Membrane

SpectraPure Standard 90GPD RO Membrane

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The SpectraPure Standard 90GPD RO Membrane (MEM-0090) offers reliable water purification with its 98% rejection rate, ensuring high-quality results for your filtration needs. Batch-tested for consistency, this TFC RO membrane guarantees a minimum rejection of 96%, with stabilized salt rejection at 98%. Designed for optimal performance, these membranes produce the rated gallons per day (GPD) within a ± 20% range at 60 psi, delivering consistent results under specified conditions. It's important to match these membranes with compatible flow restrictors and replace them accordingly when changing membrane sizes to maintain system efficiency.

SpectraPure Standard 90GPD RO Membrane 98% Rejection -MEM-0090


SpectraPure Standard 90-GPD Batch-Tested TFC RO Membrane, 2in dia x 12in L

- Minimum Rejection = 96%. Stabilized Salt Rejection: 98%.
- The membranes produce the rated GPD ± 20% at 60 psi. (Permeate flow and salt rejection based on the following test conditions: 250 ppm softened water source, 77°F (25°C), 15% recovery and the specified applied pressure).
- Membranes must be matched with flow restrictors. Always change the flow restrictor when changing membrane size on your system.

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