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SpectraPure MaxPure MPDI 90 GPD RO/DI System

SpectraPure MaxPure MPDI 90 GPD RO/DI System

SKU: T755
PriceFrom C$288.00

The SpectraPure MaxPure MPDI 90 GPD RO/DI System offers an economical solution for marine aquarists seeking ultrapure water essential for saltwater aquariums. This 4-stage system incorporates a high silica removal TFC Reverse Osmosis membrane, along with 1 micron sediment and carbon block filters, alongside the exclusive color-indicating SilicaBuster™ DI cartridge. Noteworthy features include a 90 Gallon Per Day capacity, a high-rejection thin-film composite membrane, and a 3:1 waste ratio that reduces water wastage by 33%. The system includes a long-life 1 micron MicroTec™ sediment filter, a high-capacity carbon block prefilter, and a built-in pressure gauge for prefilter replacement indication. Clear filter housings, a durable mounting bracket, 6-foot feed lines, a product, and waste lines, along with a housing wrench and a 3/4" garden hose adapter are included for easy installation.


SpectraPure MaxPure MPDI 90 GPD RO/DI System


SpectraPure® MaxPure™ MPDI 4-Stage RODI Systems offer an economical, entry-level alternative for marine aquarists who need the ultrapure water that saltwater aquariums require.

They combine a high silica removal TFC Reverse Osmosis membrane and 1 micron sediment and carbon block filters with our exclusive color-indicating SilicaBuster™ DI cartridge. The included pressure gauge indicates when the prefilters need to be replaced and our exclusive  SilicaBuster™ DI cartridge changes color to let you know when the DI resins are exhausted.



• 90 Gallon Per Day model
• High-rejection thin-film composite Reverse Osmosis membrane
• 3:1 waste ratio produces 33% less waste water
• SilicaBuster™ Standard Color-Change DI Cartridge
• Long-life high-efficiency 1 micron MicroTec™ sediment filter
• High-capacity 1 micron carbon block prefilter eliminates chlorine,
herbicides and other organic pollutants
• Built-in pressure gauge indicates when to change prefilters
• Clear filter housings
• Durable, no rust mounting bracket
• 6-foot feed, product and waste lines included
• Housing wrench for easy filter removal
• 3/4" garden hose adapter for tap water hookup


NOTE: This system does not include an Automatic ShutOff (ASO) Valve. For unattended operation see our CSPDI with Manual
Flush systems.


Warning: Spectrapure does not recommend drinking water produced from deionization (DI) as DI resins are typically not made of food grade approved material.

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