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Sicce Whale 500 Canister Filter - 390 gph (80-135 Gallon Tank)

Sicce Whale 500 Canister Filter - 390 gph

PriceFrom C$301.88

The Sicce Whale 500 Canister Filter is an ideal filtration solution for aquariums sized between 80 to 135 gallons. Offering exceptional value at 390 gph, this external canister filter combines compact design, polished finishing, and high performance. The filter includes necessary tubing, connectors, and filter media for optimal functionality. Strong clips ensure secure closure, and grey tubes prevent algae growth. The water flow is easily controlled via the knob on the output fitting. The unique self-priming system allows for direct hanging on the tank, and a quick disconnect system simplifies maintenance. With floating filter baskets, media replacement becomes hassle-free.

Sicce Whale 500 Canister Filter - 390 gph (80-135 Gallon Tank)


WHALE Canister filters offer exceptional value to customers without sacrificing quality or features. The design is compact, yet offers extremely high performance, good filter volume and highly convenient running costs. These canister filters come complete with all necessary tubing and connectors, filter media to ensure top perfomance, a quick disconnect system for easy filter removal during maintenance, media baskets and heavy duty locking clips.


Key Features

  • External filter
  • Compact design & polished finishing
  • Strong clips to open and close the filter
  • Filter media included
  • Grey Tubes to prevent algae growth due to light exposure
  • Water flow control using the knob on output fitting
  • Unique Self priming system which can be hanged directly on the tank. This priming system can be used to prime also other external filters.
  • Quick Disconnect System: the filter body can be disconnected simply by closing the valves on the IN and OUT hoses.
  • Floating filter baskets with for easy removal and replacement of the filter media.
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