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Sicce Whale 350 & 500 Replacement Sponge Kit

Sicce Whale 350 & 500 Replacement Sponge Kit

SKU: T847

Extend the life and efficiency of your Sicce Whale 350 and 500 Canister Filters with the Replacement Sponge Kit. The Replacement Sponge Kit, featuring 3 sponges (1x10ppi & 2x20ppi), enhances filtration performance for a cleaner and healthier aquarium. Sicce canister filters provide outstanding value, maintaining quality and features in a compact design with high performance and convenient running costs. With a quick disconnect system facilitating filter removal during maintenance, along with media baskets and heavy-duty locking clips, these canister filters ensure durability and functionality.

Sicce Whale 350 & 500 Replacement Sponge Kit


WHALE Canister filters offer exceptional value to customers without sacrificing quality or features. The design is compact, yet offers extremely high performance, good filter volume and highly convenient running costs. These canister filters come complete with all necessary tubing and connectors, filter media to ensure top perfomance, a quick disconnect system for easy filter removal during maintenance, media baskets and heavy duty locking clips.

Replacement Sponge kit is 3-Pack -  1x10ppi & 2x20ppi


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