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Sicce Syncra SDC 3.0 Controllable Return Pump -400-800 gph

Sicce Syncra SDC 3.0 Controllable Return Pump -400-800 gph

SKU: T835

The Sicce Syncra SDC 3.0 Controllable Return Pump, ranging from 400-800 gph, is a versatile and intelligent solution for advanced aquarium setups. Offering programmable control, energy efficiency, and suitability for both wet and dry applications, it excels in various scenarios. The pump features a self-cleaning impeller, thermal protection, ceramic shaft, and comes with hose fittings. With an easy-to-use controller and ContrALL app compatibility, users can conveniently manage and program the pump remotely. Stability is ensured with rubber feet. Backed by a 5-year manufacturer guarantee (3 years + 2 additional years with online registration), it's a powerful, controllable, and reliable choice.

Sicce Syncra SDC 3.0 Controllable Return Pump -400-800 gph


SYNCRA SDC are the latest generation of SYNCRA pumps and are equipped with integrated intelligence systems to meet the needs of advanced recirculating applications. With programming freedom, controllability is finally coupled with power, energy efficiency, inline or submersible use, and low heat production. SYNCRA SDC  are managed by an easy to use controller and with the free download of the new ContrALL app these pumps can be kept under control and programmed wherever internet access is available. ContrALL includes an alert system which keeps the end user updated in real time with the status of the pump.

Key Features:

  • WET & DRY Application
  • Hose fittings included
  • Self cleaning impeller
  • Thermal protection to prevent overheating
  • Rubber feet
  • Ceramic shaft
  • 24 V - transformer included
  • 5 Years Manufacturer Gurantee (3 Years + additional 2 years with online registration)

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