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Seachem Phosguard 500 ml

Seachem Phosguard 500 ml

SKU: T941

Seachem Phosguard 500 ml removes silicate and phosphate efficiently from marine and freshwater aquaria. Its spherical shape ensures optimal hydrodynamics, facilitating effective water flow through and around the Phosguard beads. With its highly porous structure and irreversible binding capabilities, Phosguard offers an efficient solution for maintaining water quality in your aquarium.

Seachem Phosguard 500 ml

  • Removes silicate and phosphate
  • Spherical for optimal hydrodynamics
  • Irreversible binding


PhosGuard™ rapidly removes phosphate and silicate from marine and freshwater aquaria. Although PhosGuard™ is effective in both fresh and marine water, it will operate better in sea water and the need for it is better defined in sea water. It is not recommended for phosphate buffered freshwater (PhosGuard™ would remove the buffer until saturated). PhosGuard™ is highly porous and bead-shaped to promote easy water flow through and around it, thereby increasing both its efficiency and capacity.

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