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Salifert Copper Test Kit

Salifert Copper Test Kit

SKU: T815
C$21.88 Regular Price
C$19.47Sale Price

The Salifert Copper Test Kit provides a sensitive and accurate method for measuring dissolved or weakly chelated copper, crucial for fish quarantine and parasite treatment protocols. It ensures that copper levels are within safe and effective ranges, whether used as a treatment for parasite-infested fish or to monitor copper levels in tap water. With its pH range of 7.5–9, the test kit delivers reliable results, allowing aquarists to maintain optimal conditions for their aquatic inhabitants.

Salifert Copper Test Kit


Do you Quarantine your fish and use copper?

Copper is often used as a treatment for parasite infested fish and it is essential that the correct. Tap water can also be naturally high in copper and it is therefore advisable to test for this on a regular basis.

The Salifert test kit offers a very sensitive and accurate test for measuring dissolved or weakly chelated copper with a pH of 7.5–9.

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