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Reef Octopus VarioS 2 Controllable Circulation Pump

Reef Octopus VarioS 2 Controllable Circulation Pump

SKU: T200

Upgrade your aquarium circulation with the Reef Octopus VarioS 2 Controllable Circulation Pump. Maximize flow control with this DC (Direct Current) pump featuring variable speed technology for enhanced performance, energy efficiency, and safer operations. With a maximum flow of 792gph and a delivery height of 13ft, this pump stands out for its detachable controller, high-quality ceramic shaft, and propeller bearing. Enjoy refined control over water flow in your sump, reactors, filters, or closed-loop systems with the VarioS Controller, offering 5-speed settings, float switch connection, and pause/feed modes. The 0-10v input enables integration with third-party controllers like Neptune System's APEX or Reef Angel. Experience unprecedented controllability with the VarioS 2 pump, ensuring a true slow startup and versatile output orientation. Elevate your reef aquarium with this advanced and versatile circulation pump.

Reef Octopus VarioS 2 Controllable Circulation Pump


Varios 2DC Max Flow: 792gph / Max Delivery Height: 13ft


The Reef Octopus VarioS DC (Direct Current) Circulation Pump features a detachable controller with mount, high quality ceramic shaft with propeller bearing to reduce wear and tear and the latest variable speed flow technology for refined control, enhanced performance, energy-efficiency and safer operations.


Unlike the vast majority of circulationpumps which uses alternating current (AC), the VarioS pump boasts several key advantages over traditional AC pumps like greater energy efficiency and safer low voltage operationand produce less heat per volume of flow.


>>> Now the aquarist can have full control of the water flow through their sump, reactors, filters or closed loop systems!!!



In addition to allowing the pump to run at 5 different speeds, which is pretty normal for a DC pump, the new VarioS Controller takes the pump to a new level featuring:


  • A float switch connection, which allows you to connect a float switch (included in the box) to the controller. This is an added security feature that allows you to shut off your water pump when your sump water has reached a high or low level. In all, you don’t need another module or controller to add a float switch to your system.


  • Two different pause/feed modes that will shut off the pump for either 15 or 60 minute intervals. These come handy when you are feeding the tank or conducting regular maintenance such as a water change.


  • And the best feature of the VarioS controller is… a 0-10v input which will allow a 3rd party controller such as Neptune System’s APEX or Reef Angel to take over the pump and tell it what to do. In this mode, the new VarioS controller becomes an interface between the system controller and the pump allowing you to create intricate programs using your system controller native language. This is unprecedented controllability on a skimmer or water pump. In essence, you can use your system controller as your DC pump controller!


Includes: VarioS pump, controller, float switch, power supply, output and input union for plumbing direct PVC, versatile stepped barb output fitting for flex tubing and protective intake screen.


The VarioS pump has a true slow startup where the pump slowly ramps up from zero RPM to the full preset speed over a period of approximately 10 seconds. 


The pump and controller are connected via a waterproof 3-conductor union. The detachable controller will allow for a simple waterproof union. The volute can rotate to change the pump's output orientation in 90 degree intervals, meaning users can output water vertically (up or down) as well as horizontally.

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