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Reef Factory X3 Dosing Pump

Reef Factory X3 Dosing Pump

SKU: T398
C$380.99 Regular Price
C$342.81Sale Price

The Reef Factory X3 Dosing Pump is a versatile and advanced dosing solution designed for dosing Calcium, Alkalinity, and Magnesium in your aquarium. With three dosing heads in a single unit, this dosing pump offers precise dosing accuracy of ±0.1 ml, ensuring stable water parameters for your aquatic environment. The pump integrates seamlessly with the Reef Factory app, allowing you to track dosing history and manage dosing schedules remotely. Additionally, the manual dosing function provides flexibility to adjust dosages as needed, while the app estimates the remaining fluid in your reservoirs for added convenience. The package includes the dosing pump unit, three dosing pump heads, tubing, power supply, resetting magnet, and instructions for easy setup and operation.

Reef Factory X3 Dosing Pump


Reef Factory's Three-Head Dosing Pump

  • Ideal for Dosing Calcium, Alkalinity, and Magnesium
  • Accurate Dosing ± 0.1 ml
  • Track Dosing History on the Reef Factory App
  • Advanced Control and Features


The Reef Factory Dosing pump X3 has all of the outstanding features of the one-head version, but with three dosing heads all built into a single unit. Designed specifically for dosing Calcium, Alkalinity, and Magnesium, this dosing pump not only makes your life easier by eliminating manual dosing, but also keeps your aquarium water parameters more stable.


Manual Dosing Function

The manual dosing function allows you to increase or decrease the dosage once or repeatedly. This allows you to easily change your dosing schedule temporarily if an adjustment to a given water parameter is necessary. Alternatively, you can select the "Now" option and the dosing pump will add the extra dosing amount immediately. At the end of the set manual period, the pump returns to the previous dosing schedule. 

Additional Functions

In addition to automatically dosing your aquarium, the Dosing pump can also estimate the amount of fluid remaining in your reservoirs. All you need to do is enter the volume of your dosing containers and the amount of fluid currently in them. Once complete, you'll have a convenient display of the estimated liquid remaining on the Reef Factory app. When the level drops to 10% of the total volume, you'll be notified automatically.

The App also displays prior dosing history, so you'll have a log of the amount added for that particular dosing liquid.


What’s Included?

Dosing pump X3 Unit

(3x) Dosing Pump Head

(3x) Tubing

Power Supply

Resetting Magnet


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