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Reef Factory Thermo view Temperature Monitor

Reef Factory Thermo view Temperature Monitor

SKU: T392
145,99C$ Regular Price
134,31C$Sale Price

The Reef Factory Thermo View Temperature Monitor offers intelligent temperature monitoring for aquariums or air. It provides continuous monitoring of temperature, with notifications sent if the temperature exceeds safe limits. You can conveniently view temperature data online or via the Reef Factory app. The device functions like a traditional thermometer but with added smart features, ensuring peace of mind for aquarium enthusiasts. The package includes the Thermo View Temperature Monitor and a power supply for easy setup and operation.

Reef Factory Thermo view Temperature Monitor


Intelligent Temperature Monitoring Device

  • Monitors Aquarium or Air Temperature
  • Sends Notifications When Temp is Outside of Safe Limits


The Thermo view works like a traditional thermometer, but with smart features built-in. In addition to monitoring your aquarium’s water temperature, you can view the temperature data for your aquarium online or in the Reef Factory iOS/Android app. If the temperature falls outside of your specified safe limits, you’ll receive a notification, allowing you to correct the problem before it’s too late.


What’s Included?

Thermo View Temperature Monitor

Power Supply

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