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Reef Factory TDS meter Plus

Reef Factory TDS meter Plus

SKU: T394
C$151.19 Regular Price
C$136.04Sale Price

The Reef Factory TDS Meter Plus introduces a new approach to TDS monitoring, offering advanced features beyond standard TDS meters. In addition to measuring total dissolved solids, it sends alerts when TDS levels increase, indicating potential maintenance needs such as resin replacement or filter changes. You can conveniently view TDS readings via the Reef Factory App or browser interface. The package includes the TDS Meter Plus, power adapter, resetting magnet, two hook and loop mounting straps, T fitting, and instructions for easy installation and operation.

Reef Factory TDS meter Plus


A New Approach to TDS Monitoring

  • Monitor RO/DI System Output Water
  • Get Notified When TDS increases
  • View TDS Readings via App or Browser


Beyond the standard functionality of a TDS meter, which measures the total dissolved solids in the water flowing through it, the Reef Factory TDS Meter Plus has an added feature: it can send alerts when the TDS begins to rise. This is an indication that it may be time to either replace the resin in the DI stage or change out the pre-filters.


What’s Included?

TDS meter Plus

Power Adapter

Resetting Magnet

2x Hook and Loop Mounting Straps

T Fitting



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