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Reef Factory Smart Roller Filter Large

Reef Factory Smart Roller Filter Large

PriceFrom C$515.19

The Reef Factory Smart Roller Filter Large is a high-performance filter roller that eliminates the need for filter socks and automatically removes particles from aquarium water, ensuring crystal clear water and reducing maintenance. With rolls lasting up to four months, smart notifications, and a media basket for additional filtration, this filter is both efficient and user-friendly. Controlled via the Reef Factory app, users can manage settings and receive alerts remotely. Easy to maintain, the Smart Roller offers simple fleece roll replacements and versatile installation options, making it a top choice for effortless aquarium care

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Reef Factory Smart Roller Filter Large


Smart, High-Performance Filter Roller

  • Effortlessly Maintain Crystal Clear Water
  • Rolls Last up to 4 Months
  • Smart Notifications
  • Basket for Additional Filtration Media


Smart roller automatic filter rollers eliminate the need for filter socks and automatically remove particles from your aquarium water. The result? Crystal clear water, waste removal before it breaks down, and reduced daily maintenance.


Smart Functions

Like other Reef Factory equipment, the Smart roller is controlled via the Reef Factory app. With the app, you can:

  • See the estimated number of days remaining on current fleece roll
  • View information about the daily roll material usage
  • Turn the Smart roller on or off
  • Set the length of fleece to roll
  • Set a delayed start
  • Set the roll ending notification time

Moreover, the app alerts you in case of a jam, enabling timely checks or servicing of the device.


Easy Maintenance

Unlike some filter roller systems, replacing the fleece roll is a breeze. There's no need to remove the entire unit from the sump or even turn off your pumps. Changing out the media in the integrated media basket is equally straightforward. Just pull out the media basket tray, refill with new media, and slide it back into the slots at the bottom of the main body.


Two Installation Methods

The Smart roller comes with feet, so you can place it directly in your sump. If you prefer, a hanging bracket is also included, enabling you to hang the filter roller from the edge of your sump.


What’s Included?

Smart roller Main Unit

Drive Motor

Fleece Roll

Filter Media Basket

Power Supply

Roll for Clean Fleece

Roll for Used Fleece

Tensioning Bracket

Level Sensor Holder

4x Mounting Legs

Flow Adjustment Flap

2x Locking Basket Screws

11x Screw A

5x Screw B

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