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Reef Factory Reef flare Pro BLUE LED Light M White

Reef Factory Reef flare Pro BLUE LED Light M White

SKU: T408
C$904.49 Regular Price
C$832.13Sale Price

The Reef Factory Reef flare Pro Blue Medium LED Light in a stylish white finish offers a specialized color spectrum tailored for enthusiasts seeking a vibrant blue appearance in their aquarium. Engineered for efficiency and maximum coverage, this compact fixture boasts a selection of LEDs optimized for blue lighting preferences. With EOI Optics ensuring uniform light dispersion, dark spots are effectively eliminated, providing even coverage and promoting coral health and coloration. The Reef Factory App allows for convenient control from anywhere, with an intuitive interface and clear sliders for easy customization. Available in various sizes to suit different tank dimensions, each Reef flare fixture guarantees exceptional performance and aesthetic appeal. Included in the package are the Reef flare Pro Blue M LED Fixture, power supply, and resetting magnet for hassle-free installation.

Reef Factory Reef flare Pro BLUE LED Light M White


A New Level of Efficiency and Design

  • Blue-Focused Color Spectrum
  • Control from Anywhere with the Reef Factory App
  • Available in White Body


The compact Reef flare Pro Blue LED fixture is engineered for efficiency and maximum coverage. The selection of LEDs is tailored towards those reefers who prefer a more blue aquarium appearance. The EOI Optics spread light evenly, eliminating dark spots in the aquarium.

A standout feature is the Reef Factory App. It offers convenient control, whether you're standing in front of the tank or are halfway across the world. The user interface is intuitive, with clear sliders making it easy to fine-tune your settings.

The lineup of Reef Factory Reef flare lights are available in three different sizes and two different spectrums.


EOI Optics

Efficient Optic Illumination. Reef flare Pro lenses provide increased light coverage in the aquarium due to their optimal shape. A high PAR coefficient spreads light evenly within the entire aquarium. The end result is more even coverage, better coral coloration, and improved growth.

Connecting Lights in Groups

If you need multiple Reef flare fixtures to cover your aquarium, making adjustments is just as easy as changing a single fixture. Multiple fixtures can be grouped together within the app, which means you can manage all fixtures within the group at the same time.

New Refreshed Interface

A new and improved light management panel has larger sliders and the ability to specify the percentile value of the color channel power. There is also a total light power slider bar so that it's easier than ever to adjust the Reef flare lights.


Coverage Comparison

  Reef flare S Reef flare M Reef flare L
LPS Coverage 24" x 24" 36" x 24" 48" x 24"
SPS Coverage 18" x 18" 24" x 24" 36" x 24"


What's Included?

Reef flare Pro Blue M LED Fixture

Power Supply

Resetting Magnet

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