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Reef Factory pH meter

Reef Factory pH meter

SKU: T397

The Reef Factory pH meter offers intelligent pH monitoring and tracking for your aquarium. With continuous monitoring 24/7, you can stay informed about your tank's pH levels at all times. The Reef Factory app allows remote access to pH data, providing convenience and peace of mind. Receive instant notifications if the pH falls outside your safe range, ensuring prompt action to maintain optimal conditions for your aquatic ecosystem. The device includes a pH probe, power supply, and resetting magnet for hassle-free setup and operation.

Reef Factory pH meter


Smart pH Monitoring and Tracking

  • Monitors pH Levels 24/7
  • Notifications if pH is out of Safe Range
  • Remote Monitoring via App or Browser


The pH meter is a device that monitors the pH level in your aquarium 24/7. Using the Reef Factory app, you can check the pH level in your aquarium at any time, from anywhere. If the pH reaches a value outside of your specified safe range, you will receive a notification immediately. The app also tracks and displays historical pH data.

We highly recommend a pH monitor when dosing Kalkwasser to your system or when a CO2 scrubber is being used.


What’s Included?

pH meter

pH Probe

Power Supply

Resetting Magnet

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