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Reef Factory Dosing Pump X1

Reef Factory Dosing Pump X1

SKU: T1181
C$179.99 Regular Price
C$165.59Sale Price

Introducing the Reef Factory Dosing Pump X1 – your solution for precise aquarium dosing. With an accuracy of 0.1 ml, this dosing pump allows for recommended single doses as low as 0.3 ml. Featuring one pump head and remote management capability, the X1 offers versatility with dose percentage increase, manual dose, dosing history, schedule import/export, and quick configuration.

Perfect for dosing essential liquids like Kh, Ca, and Mg, this dosing pump is specifically designed for the reef aquarium hobbyist. Meet your aquarium's demands with the recommended minimum dose of 0.3 ml. Experience efficiency and accuracy in dosing with the Reef Factory Dosing Pump X1. Elevate your aquarium care routine with the precision of Reef Factory technology.

Reef Factory Dosing Pump X1


Smart pumps for special tasks.


Discover modern technologies for a hobby that requires the best solutions!


The  Reef factory product range includes pumps for small, medium and large amounts of water. All pumps will help you to automate the key tasks related to your marine tank, e.g. automatic dosing of macrominerals, microminerals, amino acids and bacteria feed, refilling RO water or automatic water changing. Choose a pump that meets your needs!


It does not matter how much liquid you want to dose!
Create your own dosing setup as you like!


Create your own sets of Dosing pumps consisting of any number of the devices. For larger doses we recommend the Dosing pump Large, for smaller doses, chose our Dosing pump Pro.


You can control a single pump or a group of pumps remotely by the Smart reef system.


Modern technology combined with a user friendly approach. What distinguishes the Dosing pump from Reef Factory  is the build quality and modern technology, combined with proven reliable dosing pump technology. 


The pump has been designed specially for dosing the main minerals to the aquarium e.g. Kh, Mg, Ca solutions.


The dosing pump has been developed specifically for the demands of marine aquarium hobby and the need for special task.

Reef Factory Dosing Pump X1


Technical specifications:

  • Accuracy: 0.1 ml
  • Recommended single dose:: 0,3 ml
  • Number of pumps heads  included: 1
  • Remote management capability: YES
  • Dose percentage increase
  • Manual dose
  • Dosing history, schedule import/ export
  • Quick configuration


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