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Reef Factory Dosing Pump Pro

Reef Factory Dosing Pump Pro

SKU: T174

Dose your reef aquarium with absolute precision using the Reef Factory Dosing Pump Pro series. This innovative dosing pump allows for accurate administration of minerals, trace elements, and supplements. The quiet, bi-directional stepper motor ensures efficiency, and Reef Factory's ultra-accurate pumps redefine dosing in marine aquariums.

The Dosing Pump Pro, with its exceptional precision starting from 0.01 ml, boasts a pump efficiency of up to 9 ml per minute. The highly accurate stepper motor enables bi-directional operation, even reversing liquid flow for dosing phytoplankton and food. Constructed with high chemical resistance BPT material, this dosing pump combines compact size and modern design, making installation in the sump easy using a DIN rail.

Experience up to 48 doses per day with the Reef Factory Dosing Pump Pro, where precision meets excellence. Explore the world of aquarium supplies and take your marine aquarium to the next level.

Reef Factory Dosing Pump Pro


The new Dosing Pump Pro series is an innovative and highly refined dosing pump for marine aquariums. It allows for precise dosing of minerals, trace elements and other supplements into the aquarium. The quiet, bi-directional stepper motor offers a range of entirely new possibilities. The proprietary, ultra-accurate Reef Factory pumps are an excellent way to take dosing in a marine aquarium to the next level.


The new Dosing pump Pro combines the highest quality device with what Reef Factory does best - free and functional software. The clear and exceptionally intuitive panel, combined with efficient WiFi communication, ensures user convenience. Our Smart Reef application enables remote supplementation and extensive real-time monitoring from anywhere in the world. When it comes to dosing liquids into a marine aquarium, there are no compromises and that's precisely what our new Dosing pump Pro offers.


Key Features:-

  • Exceptional precision - dosing starting from 0.01 ml
  • Pump efficiency of up to 9 ml of liquid per minute
  • Silent operation of proprietary dosing pumps
  • Highly accurate stepper motor
  • Bi-directional operation with the ability to reverse the liquid flow (enabling dosing of phytoplankton and food)
  • High chemical resistance BPT material used for the tubing
  • Compact size and modern design
  • Easy installation in the sump using a DIN rail
  • Up to 48 doses per day.


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