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NYOS® Alkalinity+ 4Kg

NYOS® Alkalinity+ 4Kg

SKU: T74

Nyos® Alkalinity+ 4Kg offers high-purity sodium bicarbonate, ideal for swiftly and easily adjusting carbonate hardness (alkalinity) in saltwater aquariums. Its organic impurity-free formulation ensures optimal performance, making it suitable for any 2-part dosing system. For dosing, a pre-mixed solution is recommended: blend 160g of Alkalinity+ with 2000ml of RODI water. Adding 38ml of this solution to a 100L aquarium raises KH by about 1°dKH. Dosage may vary. Contact us directly for shipping quotes, as heavy charges may apply based on location and order size.

    NYOS® Alkalinity+ 4Kg


    Nyos® ALKALINITY+ is a high purity sodium bicarbonate. With ALKALINITY+ you can increase the carbonate hardness in your saltwater aquarium quickly and simply.

    • High Purity Salt with no organic impurities
    • Quick and Easy Way to adjust the carbonate hardness (Alkalinity)
    • ideal for any 2 part dosing system



    Pre-mixed solution (recommend): Mix 160g (5.64oz) of ALKALINITY+ to 2000ml (0.53gal) of RODI water. 38ml (4.8fl oz) of this solution will increase the KH in a 100L (100gal) aquarium by approximately 1°dKH (1°dKH). This is a reference value; the actual dosage amount may vary.


    See User Manual tab for further details


    Please contact us directly for Shipping quote as heavy charges may apply depending on your location and size of order

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