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NYOS Active Carbon - 1000ml

NYOS Active Carbon - 1000ml

SKU: T1030

NYOS Active Carbon - 1000ml is a premium, steam-activated, pH-neutral activated carbon designed to promote crystal-clear and clean aquarium water. Its high-quality formulation effectively removes harmful yellow substances, organic pollutants, cloudiness, odors, and nettle toxins. With an extremely high binding capacity, this activated carbon ensures efficient filtration in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Additionally, it is low in phosphate and heavy metals, contributing to its effectiveness and safety for aquatic life.

NYOS Active Carbon - 1000ml


NYOS® ACTIVE CARB is a high-quality, steam-activated, pH-neutral activated carbon, the use of which achieves crystal clear, clean aquarium water.


The advantages at a glance:

  • Removes harmful yellow substances, organic pollution, cloudiness, odours and nettle toxins in a highly effective manner
  • Extremely high binding capacity
  • High-quality, steam activated and pH-neutral
  • Low in phosphate and heavy metals
  • For crystal clear freshwater and sea water aquariums



1000 ml (34 oz)


500 - 1000 ml (17-34 oz) per 1000 l (250 gal)

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