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Neptune Systems 1 Link Module (1Link)

Neptune Systems 1 Link Module (1Link)

SKU: T1039

The Neptune Systems 1 Link Module (1Link) simplifies aquarium device connectivity with its innovative one-click installation. While wireless technologies are popular in the aquarium industry, Neptune Systems takes a different approach by prioritizing wired connections for devices within the aquarium. This decision is based on the belief that wireless connectivity is unnecessary and can reduce reliability in typical aquarium setups. With 1Link, there's no need for complex syncing or configuration processes commonly associated with wireless devices. Instead, users benefit from a straightforward setup that involves a single power supply, a module accommodating up to three 1LINK devices, and a simple one-click connection. This streamlined approach reduces wiring, minimizes configuration hassles, and ultimately lowers costs for consumers.

Neptune Systems 1 Link Module (1Link)




The WAV is the first of a line of aquarium products from Neptune Systems that will use a completely new interface. While many in the aquarium world continue to embrace wireless technologies for interconnectivity, we have decided to go the other direction – a wire. Wireless connectivity from your smartphone or tablet to your Apex (or other controller) is completely logical – and we embrace that. However, wireless used for the interconnecting of devices within the confines of common aquariums (that are mostly less than 6′ long) is not only unnecessary, but it reduces reliability. Our philosophy is that when distances are measured in a few feet, wireless is a solution looking for a problem. And ironically, wireless really does not save wires. You still need to use a wire to get power to the devices anyway. And let’s not forget configuration – wireless devices require syncing, endless button presses and arcane steps to get them to connect up – hopefully with you and not your neighbor.

Finally for all this “benefit”, you as the consumer get the added cost of this wireless technology that must be baked into the price of every device you buy.


So after much study of the problem, our answer is 1LINK. It is called 1LINK because there is one power supply, one module (for up to three 1LINK devices), and a one-click-connection of a wire that carries not only the power for the device, but two-way communication from it to your Apex. Setup is simply click and go.


Less wires, less configuration headaches, and best of all, less cost to you as a consumer!

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