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Maxspect JUMP LED Light 65 watts

Maxspect JUMP LED Light 65 watts

SKU: T491

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The Maxspect JUMP LED Light 65 watts, represented by the MJ-L165 LED Lighting System, offers versatile lighting options with its Full-Spectrum Multi-Phase Color Temperature Technology. Unlike other LED systems that compromise performance when adjusting color temperatures, the L165 maintains efficiency, operating at 95-100% of maximum capacity across different color profiles. Integrated with the Syna-G Cloud Smart Aquarium System, users can remotely control the LED system worldwide, accessing features such as automated lunar cycles for moonlight, a profile library for easy sharing, and acclimation schedules for coral adaptation. With its advanced technology and seamless connectivity, the Maxspect JUMP LED Light provides an optimal lighting solution for aquarium enthusiasts.

Maxspect JUMP LED Light 65 watts


MJ-L165 LED Lighting System

One System, Multiple Spectrums

Full-Spectrum with Multi-Phase Color Temperature Technology

With our proprietary technology, the L165 LED lighting system can be easily configured to different color spectrums without sacrificing performance!

  • Other LED Systems sacrifice up to 40% of their performance when adjusting to other color temperature
  • Maxspect Jump L165 LED operates at between 95-100%(between 62-65w) of maximum efficiency between color profiles

Syna-G Cloud Smart Aquarium System

The all-new Syna-G Cloud Platform allows you to remote control your LED system around the world*

Moonlight with automated lunar cycle

Profile library allows easy access and sharing profiles

Acclimation schedule for corals to adapt to the new light

*Both the LED and mobile devices should be connected to the Internet.

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