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Maxspect Coral Tweezers

Maxspect Coral Tweezers

SKU: T464

The Maxspect Coral Tweezers are essential tools for coral maintenance in aquariums, designed with professional-grade features to ensure precision and safety. With a length of 14 inches, these tweezers offer excellent reach and control for handling corals in various tank setups. Their neutral buoyancy allows them to hover in the water column, facilitating easy maneuvering and precise placement. Crafted from high-strength carbon fiber, these tweezers are lightweight yet robust enough to lift heavy objects within your aquarium without compromising on durability. The silicone-coated tips provide added protection, ensuring that delicate corals are not harmed during handling. Overall, these tweezers are ideal for aquarists seeking reliable tools for delicate coral care and maintenance.

Maxspect Coral Tweezers

14in CORAL TWEEZERS Professional Coral Tools

Neutral Buoyancy

These tweezers have neutral buoyancy so it will hover in the water column.

High Strength Carbon Fiber

These tweezers are made with high strength carbon fiber, light-weighted but fit for lifting heavy objects in your aquarium.

Silicone Coated Tips

The tweezers have silicon coated tips to avoid hurting delicate corals when you pick them up.

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