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Maxspect Coral Gripper V2

Maxspect Coral Gripper V2

PriceFrom C$18.89

The Maxspect Coral Gripper V2 is an essential tool for aquarists seeking precise and convenient handling of corals and ornaments within marine aquariums. Crafted with high-quality 316L stainless steel components, this long-reach tong grabber ensures durability and resistance to rust, making it suitable for use in aquatic environments. With options available in 32.5 inches and 23.5 inches, aquarists can choose the ideal length for their specific needs. The gripper features a comfortable trigger action handle, allowing users to easily and gently move objects weighing under 4 pounds. Silicone anti-skid grip pads provide a secure hold while also ensuring delicate handling of corals. Whether you're reaching for hard-to-access items or delicately positioning corals, the Maxspect Coral Gripper V2 offers the reliability and functionality necessary for effective aquarium maintenance.

Maxspect Coral Gripper V2

The Maxspect Coral Gripper is a professional long reach tong grabber specifically designed for use in marine aquariums with 316L stainless steel components. Enjoy dry hands and arms as you easily gently move corals and other ornaments within the aquarium. A strong stainless shaft and comfortable trigger action grip make picking up objects under 4lbs a convenient and simple task. The Silicone grips provide an anti-skid surface for better gripping while also handling your corals delicately.

Coral Gripper Features

  • Available in 32.5in and 23.5in lengths
  • Specifically designed for use in marine aquariums
  • Strong stainless steel shaft and components prevent rust and breakage
  • Comfortable Trigger Action Handle
  • Silicone anti-skid grip pads for a secure but gentle hold
  • Ideal for picking up hard to reach items


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