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MarinePure Media Vault Container

MarinePure Media Vault Container

SKU: T1011
C$80.98 Regular Price
C$72.48Sale Price

The MarinePure Media Vault Container offers a secure solution for housing your MarinePure Biofilter Media, ensuring their safety while keeping your sump organized and easier to maintain. Easy to assemble, this container doubles as a protein skimmer and is stackable for larger storage needs. The Vault is versatile, capable of holding one MarinePure Block, one gallon of MarinePure Spheres, 10-12 MarinePure PODs, or over 1500 MarinePure GEMS, providing ample space for your filtration media requirements.

MarinePure Vault


Secure container to keep your MarinePure Biofilter Media safe and helps keep sump organized and easier to keep clean.  Easy to assemble and it can also be used as a protein skimmer.  Stackable, you can stack them together for larger needs and secure storage.


Holds 1 Block, 1 gallon of Marinepure Spheres, 10 to 12 MarinePure PODs, or over 1500 MarinePure GEMS.


he VAULT can hold: 

  • 1 MarinePure BLOCK 
  • 1 gallon of the MarinePure SPHEREs
  • 10-12 MarinePure PODs
  • Over 1,500 MarinePure GEMs
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