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Klir Fleece Filter Di-4 V2

Klir Fleece Filter Di-4 V2

SKU: T1045

The Klir Fleece Filter Di-4 V2 revolutionizes aquarium filtration with its efficient design and hassle-free operation. Replacing traditional 4-inch filter socks, this system utilizes 50-micron fleece to capture waste and unwanted particles, ensuring crystal clear water. Its patented magnetic water sensor automatically advances clean fleece, offering months of maintenance-free filtration. With a capacity for up to 750 GPH flow rates and easy drop-in installation, it requires no additional sump space and reduces the need for manual maintenance. Included components like swappable collars, a smart controller, and a 25-yard roll of fleece ensure convenient setup and optimal performance, making it the ideal solution for maintaining pristine water quality in aquariums.

Klir Fleece Filter Di-4 V2


Replaces 4-Inch Filter Socks


The patent pending Klir Fleece Filter Di-4 fits directly into most four-inch filter sock chambers that automatically unroll new material as it gets clogged, removing suspended particles from an aquarium and producing crystal clear water.  The easy-to-mount, magnetic water sensor detects when the fleece is dirty and automatically advances a new clean section, offering months of maintenance-free filtration. 

The Klir filter is a direct replacement for filter socks on sumps with sock trays. Simply remove the filter sock from the sump and insert the Klir.  As water passes through the Klir filter and the filtering material becomes saturated with waste, the water level will begin to rise.  When the water makes contact with the optical sensor, a motor is activated to advance clean filtering material. As clean material is exposed, water can then flow freely, lowering the water level in the sock tray and deactivating the motor. 


Klir's Filtration Main Benefits:


Easy drop-in installation, no plumbing required. No additional sump space is needed.

Results in crystal clear water filtered down to 50-microns — double the filtering capacity of most filter socks.

Waste is removed from the water column before it has time to break down, helping to maintain low nutrient parameters!

The constant chore of monitoring and swapping filter socks or other mechanical media every few days is eliminated for months at a time.* Once the filtering media is exhausted, replacing it is a snap and very economical.

*Life of fleece depends on many variables, including (but not limited to): biological load, feeding habits, and flow rate.


Klir Di-4 V2 Includes

  • Klir 4" Drop-In Automatic Fleece Filter
  • 3.9" Swappable Collar
  • 4.25" Swappable Collar
  • V2 Smart Controller & Magnet-mount Sensor
  • 25-Yard Roll of 50-Micron Fleece
  • Activated Carbon Insert
  • DC Geared Motor (DC12V/.06A)


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