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Kessil Saltwater Light AP9X

Kessil Saltwater Light AP9X

SKU: T850

With your purchase of this product, you'll receive complimentary gifts valued at $100 from Tropic N Reef


Experience excellence with the Kessil Saltwater Light AP9X, crafted to perfection for your saltwater aquarium. Enjoy superior illumination with redesigned optics that provide even light distribution across up to 48". Say goodbye to hotspots with an effect reminiscent of a metal halide/T5 combo. Take control with K-Link + WiFi, allowing seamless management of multiple fixtures in your saltwater aquarium setup.

With your purchase of this product, you'll receive complimentary gifts valued at $100 from Tropic N Reef.



Superior Illumination Features:


Coverage- Redesigned optics provide an even light distribution that blankets your aquarium with up to 48” of coverage. This uniform coverage minimizes hotspots and creates an effect similar to that of a metal halide / T5 combo.


Spectrum- In addition to Kessil’s signature Tuna Blue spectrum, the AP9X features a full range of individually adjustable color channels (red, green, purple) that can be accessed via the Kessil app. Kessil Logic™ ensures that cosmetic color settings do not interfere with the core spectrum, allowing users to dial in a preferred color without disturbing coral health. The AP9X also includes 395nm LED chips, which emit True UVA light for maximum coral coloration.


PAR Efficient - PAR measures all visible light (400-700nm) unweightedly, but coral health primarily relies on the 425nm (violet) and 455nm (royal blue) wavelengths. Kessil LEDs focus on these essential wavelengths, prioritizing coral growth and propagation over inflated PAR readings.


Shimmer - The signature Kessil shimmer effect gives your tank a beautiful, natural, sunlit look comparable to the shimmer of a metal halide fixture - replicating your own piece of the ocean.


Color Mixing - The patented Dense Matrix Array allows to pack 55 LED chips into a space smaller than a quarter. With 110 LED chips in two arrays, the AP9X has the best color mixing in the industry - no diffuser necessary and no disco-ball effect!


Penetration - 55 LED chips in a single array create a powerful light source with wide coverage. Maximum penetration reaches up to 30" beyond the water's surface for most reefs. Penetration can be further enhanced by positioning units closer together.


Advanced Dimming - Mimic natural day/night cycles and lunar phases with smooth dimming down to 0.1%—from a gentle sunrise to the faintest moonlight.


Total Control Features:

Kessil Ecosystem - With two K-Link and two 0-10V control ports, the AP9X can be easily wired to adjacent Kessil fixtures. Lights in a wired group can then be app-controlled via the AP9’s WiFi connection. A single AP9X can act as the wireless access point for up to 10 X-Series lights and 20 0-10V lights - giving you total control over all of your tanks.


K-Link + WiFi - Multiple-fixture setups can be controlled via individual WiFi connections or daisy-chained together to access up to 32 lights via one master fixture. Don’t want WiFi signals or interference? Turn off the WiFi and control the AP9X with the built-in manual controls or the Spectral Controller .


X-Unleashed - Use Kessil’s newly redesigned smartphone app to arrange groups, set schedules, add special effects, and customize colors.


Full Color Spectrum - In addition to the popular Tuna Blue spectrum, users can add in Red, Green, and Purple (Violet + Indigo) by using the redesigned smartphone app. This opens up unlimited color combinations for aesthetics while maintaining the performance of the core spectrum.


What's in the Box:

  • 1x AP9X

  • 1x Power Adapter

  • 1x Adapter Cable

  • 4x Metal Screw Hook & Hanging Bracket

  • 3x QR Code Stickers

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