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Kessil Freshwater Light A360X Tuna Sun

Kessil Freshwater Light A360X Tuna Sun

SKU: T853

With your purchase of this product, you'll receive complimentary gifts valued at $50 from Tropic N Reef.


Elevate your aquarium with the Kessil Freshwater Light A360X Tuna Sun. With enhanced color control, create unlimited aesthetic combinations while maintaining the core spectrum's performance. The newly designed optics and latest Dense Matrix LED array ensure broader light delivery, eliminating shading. Explore top-notch aquarium supplies for a vibrant underwater world.

With your purchase of this product, you'll receive complimentary gifts valued at $50 from Tropic N Reef.


Whats new:

Higher Photon Volume Density - Comparing to other lights, A360X has a lower profile design with higher light output over a larger area, thanks to the redesigned, first-class, sunflower heat sink.


Advanced Color Control - A360X has more color control, opening unlimited color combinations for aesthetics while maintaining the performance of the core spectrum.


Low Dimming & Improved Transitioning - A360X features smoother color transitioning and ultra low dimming, including moonlight effect.


Smarter Communication - The new K-Link communication method is an upgrade of the easily plug & play 0-10V, allowing users to network multiple A360X together and set individual groups to run their own programs.

Light Shaping Capability - Narrow Reflector can be used to increase penetration power and to strengthen contrast, depth, and dynamics in aquariums.


Super Illumination Features:

Coverage- The newly designed optics along with the latest generation Dense Matrix LED array provide a broader delivery of light and eliminate shading.


Spectrum- The well-known Tuna Sun spectrum has been proven by its users to promote plant growth and enhance coloration. With Kessil Logic™, it ensures consistent power output and plant growth across the tunable spectrum.


Shimmer - The Kessil shimmer effect gives your tank a beautiful, natural, sunlit look comparable to the shimmer of a metal halide fixture - replicating your own piece of the ocean.


Color Mixing - Different wavelengths are seamlessly blended within a single LED array, emitting uniform color across the coverage range.


Penetration - Patented Dense Matrix LED technology concentrates multiple LED chips into a single array, creating a powerful and penetrating light source with wide coverage. The maximum penetration can reach 24" to 30" beyond the water's surface for most reefs. Penetration can be further enhanced by using the narrow reflector (optional accessory).


Control Features:

Quick Set - Create unique dawn and dusk effects by altering light intensity and color throughout eight different time points.


Acclimation - Simplify the introduction of new lights to a tank to an existing setup with acclimation mode. The acclimation timeline can be customized to suit specific needs.


Manual Mode - Instantly tune color and intensity for on demand light customization.


What's in the Box

  • 1x A360X

  • 1x Power Adapter

  • 1x AC Adapter Cable

  • 1x DC Extension Cable

  • 1x Hanging Ring

  • 2x Metal Screw Hook

  • 2x Hanging Bracket

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