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IceCap Single Magnetic Heater Bracket

IceCap Single Magnetic Heater Bracket

SKU: T753

IceCap Single Magnetic Heater Bracket. Excellent addition to keeping your fish tank equipment in place and tidy.

Magnetic Aquarium Heater Mount

The IceCap Magnetic Heater Mount securely holds aquarium heater(s) in place with magnets that secure its position to surfaces up to 3/8th in thick, preventing the possibility of the heater resting against equipment, causing it to overheat or worse, float out of the water and run dry. 

The heater mount holds heaters up to 1 in diameter and slides into the circular cutouts. It gently holds the heater element while also providing valuable space between surfaces for proper heat dissipation. Magnetic mounts allow for easy removal and maintenance when necessary. They are also completely sealed on the wet and dry side, keeping the system 100% aquarium inhabitant safe!

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