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IceCap Coral Frag Transport Tray Magnetic Mount

IceCap Coral Frag Transport Tray Magnetic Mount

SKU: T750

IceCap Coral Frag Transport Tray Magnetic Mount. Ideal for transporting your Frags directly from and to your coral reef aquariums. A must-have in your frag supplies.

Use the Frag Tray from the Coral Transport Container in your Tank!

After you travel around with your IceCap Frag Transport Container, you’ll probably become pretty attached to it. We have good news for you: the fun doesn’t have to end once you get home! IceCap offers a magnetic mount to use inside your aquarium. You can lift the Frag Transport Container tray right out of its container and place it in the magnet mount to use it as a frag rack inside your tank. The IceCap Frag Transport Container gets your corals home safely. Continue protecting them by limiting the stress of relocation. They can continue their journey on the horse they rode in on until you are ready to find their perfect spot in your aquascape. Remember, the holes in the tray have a special membrane that fits a variety of different frag plug sizes, so you’ll be able to hold a variety of different corals from different sellers all in one rack.

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