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HYDROS WiFi Fish Feeder

HYDROS WiFi Fish Feeder

SKU: T1007

The HYDROS WiFi Fish Feeder offers convenient and controllable fish feeding through the HYDROS app on Android and iOS devices. Operating over a 2.4 GHz WiFi frequency, the feeder is compatible with various fish foods. The package includes the WiFi Fish Feeder, USB Power Cable, USB Power Plug, Fixed Mounting Clamp, Desiccant Freshness Pack, and Double-sided Mounting Tape. Requires HYDROS Control and mobile device to operate. Sold separately.

HYDROS WiFi Fish Feeder


Feed Your Fish In Confidence 

The HYDROS Automatic WiFi Fish Feeder is suitable for a variety of fish foods. A HYDROS Control is required to operate. The Fish Feeder is WiFi controllable using the free HYDROS app for Android and iOS/Apple mobile devices. You can now feed your fish wirelessly over a 2.4 GHz WiFi frequency.


Package Contents

  • WiFi Fish Feeder
  • USB Power Cable
  • USB Power Plug
  • Fixed Mounting Clamp
  • Desiccant Freshness Pack
  • Double-sided Mounting Tape


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