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HYDROS WaveEngine v2 Pump Controller

HYDROS WaveEngine v2 Pump Controller

SKU: T1009

The HYDROS WaveEngine v2 pump controller revolutionizes aquarium flow management by seamlessly controlling, monitoring, and powering various pumps from different brands. Through a single app, users gain access to extensive features, eliminating the need for multiple controllers and reducing cable clutter. The WaveEngine v2 can power up to 4 pumps simultaneously, eliminating external controllers and power bricks. It supports popular pumps like Maxspect Gyre, IceCap Gyre, Reef Octopus OCTO Pulse, and others. Additionally, it offers 0-10V compatibility for third-party control, supporting Abyzz, Reef Octopus, and Tunze pumps. The new version can control up to 8 WiFi devices, enhancing modular control for additional equipment.

The HYDROS WaveEngine v2 pump controller can control, monitor, and even supply power to a variety of different aquarium pumps. Now you can use pumps from different brands together using a single, integrated flow management system. Control and monitor pumps from different brands together using a single app forming the ultimate flow management system. The WaveEngine v2 can also supply power to up to 4 pumps, freeing you of the clutter of power bricks, cables, and controllers in your aquarium stand.


With a single app, you can control a variety of different pumps all from your mobile device. Access all the features you desire, without the need for multiple apps, individual controllers, and bulky power supplies that require a “bird’s nest” of cables and wires.


Until now,  limited capabilities have restricted the simple controllers that manage popular pumps like the Maxspect Gyre, Reef Octopus Octo Pulse, TUNZE® Turbelle™ nanostream™, and EcoTech VorTech™ flow pumps*.

*Requires ETM Wireless Chip  sold separately

Direct Drive - Eliminate the Clutter

There are many pumps you can plug right into the WaveEngine, eliminating the need for not only that pump’s external controller, but also its power brick. That’s right! The WaveEngine can power up to 4 pumps simultaneously. Imagine all of the clutter you can clear out of your stand!

All that you’ll need to directly connect pumps like the Maxspect Gyre, IceCap Gyre, Reef Octopus OCTO Pulse, and the upcoming Blade pump are HYDROS Direct Drive Adapter cords.

Maxspect Gyre XF-130 / 230, XF-150 / 250, XF-330 / 350, XF-280*

IceCap Gyre 1K, 3K, 2K, 4K

Reef Octopus RODC-2500, 3500 and 5500, VarioS-2 and 4, Octo Pulse 2 and 4


0-10V  - Third-Party Control

Many popular pumps from brands like Tunze, Abyzz, and Reef Octopus have external controllers equipped with a 0-10V port that allows them to be connected to a third-party controller. You’ll just need a HYDROS 0-10v quad adapter to plug in your pump and voilà! You can now take advantage of all the native flow modes and presets the pump offers without any complicated programming.

Abyzz Pumps

Reef Octopus Octo Pulse 2 and 4, VarioS 2, 4, 6 and 8, RODC 2500, 3500 and 5500

TUNZE® Turbelle™ nanostreams™ pumps.


PLEASE NOTE: An appropriate pump adapter or 0-10V cable (sold separately) is required to connect pumps directly to the HYDROS WaveEngine.

*Maxspect Gyre 280 pumps can only run at 75% max intensity.

NEW to v2 - Control Up to 8 WiFi Devices


Now just like the other HYDROS Controls, the new WaveEngine v2 can control up to 8 WiFi devices for added modular control on additional equipment like lights, pumps, feeders, and more by simply adding a HYDROS WiFi Power Strip or HYDROS Smart Plug (both sold separately).


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