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HYDROS Water Level Sensor

HYDROS Water Level Sensor

SKU: T1003

The HYDROS Water Level Sensor is a compact and reliable optical sensor designed for various aquarium applications, such as automated top-offs or dosing container monitoring. Easily connected to any HYDROS device's Sense Port without requiring extra power, this sensor boasts a slim design, measuring just over half an inch thick with a magnetically coupled optical eye. It can be mounted on surfaces up to ½” thick, making it versatile for different setups. With no moving parts, it operates in daylight or darkness, suitable for discreet placement in aquarium stands or back chambers. Ensure optimal aquarium conditions with this user-friendly and efficient water level sensor. This is a Sense Port Accessory

The HYDROS Water Level Sensor is an optical sensor you can use for a variety of aquarium applications, such as sensing when your tank needs to be topped off or to detect when a dosing container needs a refill. It plugs into any Sense Port on a HYDROS device (like the Control 2 or Control 4) and does not require any additional power source.


The HYDROS Water Level Sensor contains no moving parts that can fail. It’s extremely tiny: it’s a little over a half-inch thick with a circumference the size of a US penny. The optical eye is magnetically coupled with the magnet side measuring only ¼” thick. It can be mounted to most clear, tinted, or painted surfaces up to ½” thick. The sensor operates in the daytime or complete darkness so it’s safe for use hidden inside your aquarium stand or in the back chambers of an all-in-one aquarium.

You can use the HYDROS Water Level Sensor a multitude of different ways. For example, you could set one up as a high-level sensor and another as a low-level sensor as part of a dual-sensor automatic top-off (ATO) system. You could place these tiny optical sensors inside your dosing containers so you could be alerted when they need to be refilled. You could place a couple in an ATO reservoir: one can tell HYDROS to refill it and the other could prevent it from overflowing. Keep equipment from running dry by having HYDROS cut power to an outlet when the sensor is triggered. The sensors are easy to place, easy to move, and easy to clean.

The HYDROS Water Level Sensor is an Official HYDROS Accessory manufactured by AutoAqua in Taiwan. Creators of the Smart ATO Micro, AutoAqua is one of the most well-known and trusted makers of aquarium automation systems in the hobby today. CoralVue has thoroughly tested the Water Level Sensor to ensure seamless compatibility with the HYDROS platform. The product development team at CoralVue engineered the sensor so it connects with any HYDROS Sense Port using its aviation-style plug for safe operation. No additional power source is needed to run the sensor.

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