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HYDROS Skimmer Sensor

HYDROS Skimmer Sensor

SKU: T1004

The HYDROS Skimmer Sensor is a crucial component designed to prevent protein skimmer overflows, ensuring a mess-free aquarium environment. Simply place the sensor inside the skimmer collection cup, securing it with a magnetic coupling. When the waste level rises and contacts the sensor, it signals HYDROS to turn off the protein skimmer, averting potential spills. This sensor, compatible with any HYDROS Sense Port, requires no additional power supply and boasts a compact design for easy installation. Manufactured by trusted aquarium automation experts AutoAqua, the HYDROS Skimmer Sensor provides a reliable solution to maintain optimal skimmer performance and prevent messy accidents.

HYDROS Skimmer Sensor - Sense Port Accessory

The HYDROS Skimmer Sensor serves a very specific and important role: it prevents your protein skimmer from overflowing onto the floor or back into your sump.

The way it works is easy: just place the sensor inside any protein skimmer collection cup up to ¼” thick. There is a magnetic coupling that will sit on the outside of the skimmer cup to keep the sensor securely in place. Once the waste level in the collection cup rises to the point it makes contact with the sensor, it will tell HYDROS to turn the protein skimmer off to prevent overflowing. Your protein skimmer must be plugged into a HYDROS power source, like the Power 4 power strip or Smart Plug, for this sort of skimmer security to operate.

The HYDROS Skimmer Sensor plugs into any HYDROS Sense Port and does not require any additional power supply. The optical eye on this sensor is designed to be used inside the collection cup of a protein skimmer, so it’s a little different than a standard water level sensor⁠—but purpose-built for this specific and important application. The sensor contains no moving parts that can fail. It’s extremely tiny: it’s a little over a half-inch thick with a circumference the size of a US penny. The optical eye is magnetically coupled with the magnet side measuring only ¼” thick. The cord is on the magnet side so installation is easy. You don’t need to purchase a new lid for your skimmer or modify the collection cup in any way. 

The HYDROS Skimmer Sensor is an Official HYDROS Accessory manufactured by AutoAqua in Taiwan. Creators of the Smart ATO Micro, AutoAqua is one of the most well-known and trusted makers of aquarium automation systems in the hobby today. CoralVue has thoroughly tested the Skimmer Sensor to ensure seamless compatibility with the HYDROS platform. The product development team at CoralVue engineered the sensor so it connects with any HYDROS Sense Port using its aviation-style plug for safe operation. No additional power source is needed to run the sensor. Keep skimmate in the cup and not in the sump with the HYDROS Skimmer Sensor.

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