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HYDROS Leak Detection Sensor

HYDROS Leak Detection Sensor

SKU: T1005

The HYDROS Leak Detection Sensor offers peace of mind by detecting freshwater or saltwater leaks to safeguard your aquarium, home, or office. Simply plug it into any HYDROS Sense Port, such as the Control 2 or Control 4, without requiring an additional power source. Place the sensor strategically in potential leak areas, like under your stand, near your sump, or by your RO/DI system. Configure the HYDROS app to trigger specific actions when a leak is detected, such as turning off pumps or sending mobile alerts. This robust sensor, encapsulated to resist rust, ensures long-term reliability. Manufactured by AutoAqua, it's an official HYDROS sense port accessory, providing a durable solution for leak detection.

HYDROS Leak Sensor - Sense Port Accessory


The HYDROS Leak Detection Sensor is a solid surface leak detector that can sense when freshwater or saltwater is underneath it and use that information to protect your aquarium, home, or office from total disaster.


The way it works is simple: plug the sensor into any Sense Port on a HYDROS OS device (like the Control 2 or Control 4). It does not require any additional power source. Next, place the leak detector in a place that makes sense: next to your sump, under your stand, on the lid of a protein skimmer, under your RO/DI system or saltwater mixing station, next to a freshwater ATO reservoir, underneath your carpet, or wherever else there is a potential for leaks. Finally, configure the HYDROS app to perform whatever action(s) you want to happen when a leak is detected: flash a specific light color on your HYDROS controller, turn off a pump, shut down your protein skimmer, send you a mobile alert so you can come home or ask a friend to check on the tank. It’s easy to do and you’re in control.


One common complaint about aquarium leak detectors currently on the market is that they rust on the bottom. Not the HYDROS Leak Detection Sensor. It is completely encapsulated with a safety seal that makes the unit impregnable. This isn’t a product you’re going to need to replace. It’s built to stand the test of time. You can connect as many Leak Detection Sensors as you have Sense Ports available. Using WiFi Power 4 power strips and Smart Plugs, you can power off equipment in another room if a leak is detected. You could have a specific light turn on in your living room or bedroom if a leak is detected. With HYDROS, you could can all sorts of clever stuff to make sure you’re in the know should the worst happen!


The HYDROS Leak Detection Sensor is an Official HYDROS Accessory manufactured by AutoAqua in Taiwan. Creators of the Smart ATO Micro, AutoAqua is one of the most well-known and trusted makers of aquarium automation systems in the hobby today. CoralVue has thoroughly tested the Leak Detection Sensor to ensure seamless compatibility with the HYDROS platform. The product development team at CoralVue engineered the sensor so it connects with any HYDROS Sense Port using its aviation-style plug for safe operation. No additional power source is needed to run the sensor. Get alerted remotely should disaster strike and take correction action with HYDROS!

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