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HYDROS Control XP8 Energy Bar

HYDROS Control XP8 Energy Bar

SKU: T996

Experience ultimate control and safety for your aquarium with the HYDROS Control XP8 Energy Bar. This eight-outlet (120V AC) hybrid device integrates a power strip with a controller, catering to critical equipment like heaters and return pumps. With individually controlled outlets and a built-in 60W universal voltage Meanwell power supply, it ensures secure and silent operation. The Control XP8 acts as a HYDROS system controller, capable of intelligent decision-making based on the collective status of HYDROS devices. Utilize the HYDROS App for remote monitoring and control, and connect up to eight WiFi devices for modular control. Engineered, assembled, and supported in the USA, the Control XP8 provides unmatched reliability for aquarium life support.

HYDROS Control XP8 Energy Bar


Please note: CONTROL XP8 ONLY - Nothing else is included.


The Ultimate Aquarium Power Strip for System Critical Equipment


The HYDROS Control XP8 is an eight outlet (120V AC) energy bar and controller hybrid specifically designed for equipment like heaters and return pumps which are critical to the life support of any aquarium system. Each of the individually controlled outlets is built into the HYDROS controller for the highest level of security. The Control XP8 has a built-in 60W universal voltage Meanwell power supply with a 14amp max power capacity and is designed to pass ETL/UL certification.  Besides the clicking on and off of the controlled outlets, the XP8 is completely passively cooled and with its isolated power circuitry, the controller runs completely silent. Best of all, each of the eight outlets has individual power monitoring capabilities.


Besides being an overbuilt power strip, the Control XP8 is also a fully functioning HYDROS system controller capable of taking over intelligent decisions based on the status of other HYDROS Devices within the Collective. The two HYDROS Command Bus ports on the XP8 allow for a wired connection to any other HYDROS controller to form a collective of all Controls in one for the ultimate failsafe system. Control and monitor your Control XP8 energy bar from anywhere in the world using the technologically advanced HYDROS cloud-based app. The Control XP8 also has the ability to monitor and control up to eight different HYDROS WiFi devices.


Features or the HYDROS Control XP8

  • Power up to 14 amps of system-critical life support equipment
  • The Control XP8 is a full brain that can share and take over the decision-making of a HYDROS Collective
  • Control up to 8 WiFi devices like fish feeders, smart outlets, and even additional WiFi power strips
  • Command Bus port provides power add redundancy power to your HYDROS Collective
  • Designed to pass ETL/UL Certification
  • Universal voltage works with both 110 and 220V
  • Built-in 60W Meanwell Power Supply
  • No noisy fans, the XP8 is completely passively cooled
  • Optical isolation between the power circuitry and the control circuitry. This provides safety failure, and it isolates the control circuitry to reduce noise.
  • Engineered, assembled, and supported in the USA.


Control XP8 Specifications


Max Per Relay: 8A
Total Max Amperage: 14A


8 - Controllable Power Outlets


Eight controllable AC power outlets each with individual power monitoring capabilities to safely manage aquarium equipment like heaters, lighting, water pumps, protein skimmers, filters, and pretty much anything else. 



2 - Command Bus

The HYDROS Command Bus is used to power the Control as well as communicate with other HYDROS devices for the ultimate failsafe.


Up to 8 WiFi Devices

connect up to 8 WiFi devices for added modular control on additional equipment like lights, pumps, feeders, and more by simply adding a HYDROS WiFi Power Strip or HYDROS Smart Plug (both sold separately).


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