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Hikari BioPure Freeze Dried Blood Worms 0.42 oz

Hikari BioPure Freeze Dried Blood Worms 0.42 oz

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Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze Dried Blood Worms 0.42 oz

Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze Dried Blood Worms


Bio-Pure® Freeze Dried Blood Worms are an excellent, higher protein, natural food for most tropical and select marine fishes. This highly flavorful treat in a freeze dried form is typically accepted by almost any fish it is fed.


The  pharmaceutical-grade freeze-drying techniques adopted by Hikari, allows to give you a product as close to fresh blood worms as humanly possible. Expect color, texture, and taste not previously available in a freeze-dried food.



An Excellent Live Food Alternative

  • Excellent natural protein source free of harmful parasites and bacteria
  • A meaty treat most tropical fish and goldfish love
  • A food source most freshwater fish feed on in the wild

Bio-Encapsulated Multi-Vitamin Rich

  • Makes vitamins available to your aquarium pets that the live animal would not offer
  • Gut-loaded to assure each bite contains what we know your fish need
  • Encapsulated to avoid utilization by the blood worm before freezing

Better Value

  • Lower moisture levels means more food by weight
  • Nitrogen charging reduces chances of oxidation
  • Lower actual cost per feeding than competitive products


Ideal For: Most Freshwater and limited marine environments and aquariums especially eels, livebearers, American cichlids, discus and selected aquatic reptiles.


Please note: Handling a freeze-dried food that is derived from a live animal can cause the same allergic reaction possible by handling the live animal itself. To avoid potential problems, always wash your hands immediately after use and avoid contact with your nose, eyes, and mouth.


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