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Fauna Marin US Style Coral Glasses

Fauna Marin US Style Coral Glasses

SKU: T364
C$26.99 Regular Price
C$25.10Sale Price

Fauna Marin US Style Coral Glasses feature orange-tinted lenses designed to filter out actinic blue light prevalent in marine aquariums, offering a more natural view of corals and fish. By removing the blue tint, these glasses reveal vibrant colors in your aquarium, providing a fresh perspective and enhancing the visual experience. Discover the true beauty of your marine environment with these specialized coral glasses.

Fauna Marin US Style Coral Glasses

The US Style Coral Glasses with orange tinted lenses remove the actinic blue light that dominates marine aquariums and help you see your corals and fish in a natural light.

You will be amazed at how the colors appear when the blue is filtered out. It's like seeing your marine aquarium for the first time!


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