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Fauna Marin THE DIP 250ml

Fauna Marin THE DIP 250ml

SKU: T374

Fauna Marin's THE DIP 250ml is a potent coral dip solution designed to effectively clean various coral types and enhance their pest resistance. By immersing new coral specimens in THE DIP, you can safeguard your aquarium against unwanted pests while bolstering the health and vitality of your corals. This highly active solution, formulated with natural ingredients, excludes oils, iodine, or aggressive oxidative components. It ensures the removal of undesirable deposits and pests without darkening coral tissue. Simple, safe, and affordable, THE DIP offers a reliable method for maintaining coral health and preventing infestations.

Fauna Marin THE DIP 250 ml is a highly effective coral dip solution used for cleaning various types of corals. It also helps acclimate new specimens to the aquarium by strengthening the pest resistance of your coral. THE DIP will remove unwanted deposits and pests from all corals.

Dip every new coral purchase in THE DIP coral bath to avoid unwanted pests and strengthen the pest resistance of your corals.

  • Highly active solution made from natural ingredients
  • Contains no oils, Iodine, or aggressive oxidative ingredients
  • Does not darken coral tissue
  • Simple, safe, affordable, and highly effective

THE DIP is not suitable for use in the aquarium and not for bathing fish, shrimp, mussels, sea urchins, and similar animals - remove them from the coral before the placing in dip.

Water, surfactants, and organic salts

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