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Fauna Marin ELEMENTALS K 1000 ml

Fauna Marin ELEMENTALS Sr 1000 ml

SKU: T276

Maintain the health of your marine aquarium with Fauna Marin ELEMENTALS Sr 1000 ml. This essential concentrated strontium supplement ensures your reef-tank receives the strontium it needs. With ELEMENTALS element solutions, you have an affordable and simple way to replenish depleted elements in your marine aquaria.

Fauna Marin ELEMENTALS Sr 1000 ml


Essential concentrated strontium supplement for marine aquaria

With ELEMENTALS element solutions you obtain a cheap and easy possibility of dosing used up elements in your reef-tank



  • Water
  • inorganic strontium salts


  • Always keep closed after opening.
  • Maintain liquid at room temperature and keep away from light.

Safety notice:

  • Product intended for aquarium use only!
  • Keep away from children!
  • Do not swallow!
  • Not for consumption or suitable for pet food.
  • In case of skin or eye contact, rinse with plenty of water.


See the User Manual tab for dosing instructions

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