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Fauna Marin Coral Sprint 70 gms

Fauna Marin Coral Sprint 70 gms

SKU: T51

Enhance the health and vitality of your corals with Fauna Marin Coral Sprint 70 gms. This premium-grade marine bacterioplankton substitute is designed to nourish corals in ULNS (Ultra Low Nutrient Systems). With a content rich in mollusks and crustaceans, this compound feed is an ideal choice for promoting the well-being of your reef aquarium's coral inhabitants. Explore the best coral nutrition options at our store for your saltwater aquarium

Fauna Marin Coral Sprint 70 gms

Coral Sprint:  Compound feed for corals.

Premium grade marine Bacterioplankton substitute for feeding corals in ULNS systems.

CONTENT: molluscs and crustaceans.

INGREDIENTS: protein 85%, fat 11%, fibre 3%, ash 1%.

SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: For aquarium use only.

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