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Fauna Marin Balling Salts BIOPOLYMER Magnesium 4 kg

Fauna Marin Balling Salts BIOPOLYMER Magnesium 4 kg

SKU: T101

Elevate your aquarium's magnesium levels with Fauna Marin Balling Salts BIOPOLYMER Magnesium 4 kg. Specifically designed for use in the Balling Light System, this special salt ensures your aquarium gets a complete supply of magnesium,. The Balling Light Method is a versatile system compatible with all types of filtration systems, such as Zeo-method and Berlin systems. Enjoy the benefits of simple, safe usage and specially matched trace elements that enhance coral growth and coloration. Achieve stable magnesium values for the well-being of your coral reef aquarium.

Fauna Marin Balling Salts BIOPOLYMER Magnesium 4 kg


Special salt for magnesium supplementation Balling Light System.

FAUNA MARIN BALLING LIGHT METHOD is a self-contained system known for it’s straight-forward procedure. It provides your aquarium with a complete supply of calcium, magnesium, carbonate, and trace elements.

The Balling Light Method can be used in conjunction with all types of filtration systems and provides your aquarium with substances that are missing or have become depleted.

The advantages:

  • Safe for use on any aquarium and any filtration system (Zeo-method, Berlin system, etc.)
  • Use of the AquaCalculator ( allows for consumption-based and individual dosage recommendations which effectively prevents Old Tank Syndrome
  • Simple and safe to use
  • Specially matched trace elements for strong growth and coloration
  • Provides consistent supply of necessary elements through the use of effective concentrates and high- purity salts
  • Promotes stable calcium, magnesium, carbonate values for healthy and vibrant corals


Safety instructions:

Product intended for aquarium use only! Keep away from children! Do not swallow! Not suitable for consumption or pet food. In case of skin or eye contact, rinse with plenty of water.
Store dry and tightly closed.





Storage notice:

The product has a minimum shelf life of about 3 years. Store it dry, protected from light at normal room temperature. Avoid contamination of the product with bacteria or dirt.
Make sure children do not have access to the products used or stored.



The completely emptied can can be disposed of with household waste or at recycling collection points. Please follow your local regulations for waste disposal.


Manufacturing Information:

Balling Magnesium Mix is produced in-house in Germany.



See user Manual tab for dosing instructions

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