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Fauna Marin Aquahome test K

Fauna Marin Aquahome test K

SKU: T370

 The Fauna Marin Aquahome test K revolutionizes potassium testing in marine aquariums with its precise titration method, offering accurate results within a few simple steps. With a measuring range of 300 - 500 mg/l and a resolution of 5 mg/l, it ensures precise measurements. Potassium is essential for marine life, with natural seawater containing an average concentration of 408 mg/l. Regular water changes typically maintain stable potassium levels, but deficiencies may occur due to zeolites or other adsorbers, leading to coral discoloration and polyp retraction. Reef tanks should aim for potassium levels between 380 and 420 mg/l. Fauna Marin Elementals K can rectify low levels, while excess potassium warrants a partial water change.. Each kit provides 50 tests.

Fauna Marin Aquahome test K


The potassium test from Fauna Marin sets new standards in the determination of potassium content in marine aquariums: using a newly developed titration method, it provides extremely precise results in just a few easy steps.

The determination of a correction value increases the accuracy of the results.
-Measuring range: 300 - 500 mg/l
-Resolution: 5 mg/l

Potassium is a vital macronutrient for all living organisms. In natural seawater, the alkali metal is present in a concentration of 408 mg/l on average. In marine aquariums, the potassium concentration can usually be kept stable by regular water changes. Nevertheless, a deficiency of potassium can occur in individual tanks due to the use of zeolites and other adsorbers. A sign of a possible potassium deficiency is the clear discoloration of the corals and the retraction of polyps. In the reef aquarium the potassium concentration should be checked regularly and kept at a value between 380 and 420 mg/l.

To increase the potassium concentration in case of too low values it is recommended to use Fauna Marin Elementals K to bring the potassium level back to the natural level and sometimes cause a vitality boost for various corals.

If the potassium concentration in the water is too high, perform a partial water change.

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