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Ceramic Frag Discs Plugs 20 pcs White Hexagon

Ceramic Frag Discs Plugs 20 pcs White Hexagon

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Ceramic Frag Discs Plugs 20 pcs White Hexagon

Elevate your coral propagation with our 20-piece set of Ceramic Frag Discs Plugs in a sleek white hexagon design. These versatile coral frag bases offer simplicity and practicality, providing essential support for coral plants in aquariums. Crafted from high-temperature firing ceramics, they ensure a pure white appearance, portability, and easy maintenance. The hexagon shape adds a unique touch to your coral reef setup, and their compatibility extends beyond coral brackets to separate aquarium use. Invest in quality with these ceramic bases, safe for your coral reef aquarium and unaffected by water quality.

Ceramic Frag Discs Plugs 20 pcs White Hexagon


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1. 20pcs Coral Frag Bases Aquarium Coral Reef Bases /  Coral Breeding Ceramic Bases.
2. Simple and practical, help support and stabilize coral plant.
3. Good quality, pure white appearance, portable, and easy to maintain.
4. Made of high temperature firing ceramics, safe for coral reef aquariums and does not affect water quality.
5. It is not only suitable for coral bracket, but also can be placed in a separate aquarium.


Shape: Hexagon, Flat

Material: Ceramic
Color: White
Size: Approx.24x21mm/0.94x0.82in


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